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So you're thinking about homeschooling? Or maybe someone you know is homeschooling and you just want to know more about it. I know how you feel!

I first heard about homeschooling from a relative who had just started teaching her own children. The whole idea imediatly struck a positive cord with me, but I had so many questions!

What about socialization (the big Paper Tiger of homeschooling, it turns out), diploms, college, the prom?

Talk about seeing outside "The Box" for the first time ever! No, it was more like realizing there WAS an outside of the box for the first time.

I began to read everything I could get my hands on, which wasn't easy in those day as the web hadn't taken off yet. I had to actually go to book stores and buy things. I also sent off for  bunch of catalogs and read every word in them.

I read the advice of one consultant to write down the reasons why you are homeschooling. This is supposed to help in the hard times. You know... 
The days when the house is a mess, no one feels like doing school, your first grader doesn't remember even seeing an alphabet-letter before, much less the words she read perfectly yesterday, the baby just figured out how to take his own diaper off, and your teenager is desperate for help with his algebra (which you haven't done in 20 years!)
I followed the consultant's advice and you know what? It does help! 

I have been homeschooling now for... well... my oldest is twenty and has never been in a "real" school (so is that 15 or 20 years?). I have tried many different methods of homeschooling (some good, some total disasters), and used many of the different, most popular resources out there.
I began to discover that you could easily spend a small fortune! Sheesh, the money I wasted! 

I began to see that whether a curriculum would work for different families or not depended on two things: 

What type of teacher Mom is (not so much what type of a learner your child is like so many people believe, though that should be a consideration), and what your over-all goals are for your children.
  • A "Booky" mom who's favorite hobby is curling up with a good book should probably look into types of teaching that use lots of books.
  • A "Crafty" mom who's favorite activity is making something pretty will do best with hands-on teaching.

  • A "Go Do Something" mom who would rather spend her days out hiking or working in the local soup kitchen should find lots of activities and field trips.

On the other hand...

  • If you most want your child to go to Harvard, you need to seriously look at the Classical method of homeschooling.

  • If you think childhood is for exploring and pursuing you own interests and curiosities, check out Unschooling.

  • If you want your child to be an independant learner (or you must work, care for elderly parents, or are otherwise time-limited) Virtual School or one of the Self-Paced companies is your best bet.

I began writing down the answers to all my questions and recording all my research. It just kind of grew from that into this book:-) 
I would love to come over to your house some morning and sit over a cup of coffee and answer all your questions, but that is not really possible (I can't leave the house because I'm behind on the laundry:-(
So, this is my way, as an older, more experienced homeschooling mom, of answering all your questions. I have tried most different methods of homeschooling, including Abeka, Classical, and Unit Studies (and if you are a Newbie, you might not know what those terms mean.
  • Abeka is a major curriculum publisher with traditional textbooks,
  • Classical is a revival of a more intense way to teach, and
  • Unit studies teach many subjects through one topic, such as teaching the history of the horse, the math of taking care of a horse, the science of riding, the art and music that has been devoted to the animal. I give a lot more definitions in the book.)

"I wish I had had [Homeschool:Why What How] when I was homeschooling my (now grown) children!" Leigh Morton, Associate Minister, Bread of Life Christian Fellowship, Moundhouse, Nevada

And I know you have a lot of questions:
  • Why in the world would someone homeschool?
  • What about socialization?
  • Where would I get my curriculum?
  • Shouldn't I send my child to school so he can witness about Jesus to the other children?
I had the same questions when I started. That was twenty years ago (though I still find that hard to believe! They grow up much too fast.) 

Today my oldest is a beautiful, responsible fun young woman. My second is just now graduating and is a diligent, polite young man. They both have a heart for God, what should be the ultimate goal for every Christian parent.

And my other seven (yes, seven!) children are following in their path. With God's Grace, this endeavor has been a success!

Read Samples from Homeschool:Why What How...
Why do I homeschool? I have  lot of reasons.
What about Socialization? Will my kids turn out weird?  (Probably:-), but that's a good thing)

"We were surprised at how much information was in [Homeschool:Why What How]!" Frank Ellis, Senior pastor, Faith Tabernacle, Fontana, California

You know what, I might not be able to come over and answer all your questions personally, but I would still love to talk to you. Why not email me?

"I wanted all our homeschool families to have [Homeschool:Why What How]. Thank you for this wonderful resource." Rich Lammey, Pastor, High Sierra Fellowship, Gardnerville, Nevada upon buying a copy for each of the families in their church.

Seriously, there are a lot of resources and "How to" books out there about homeschooling. I help you navigate this new world and decide which ones you really need (and want!)

If I can teach my own children, there is no reason in the world you can't too!

You just need a friend to help you get started:-)

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Homeschool: Why What How

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