Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Get. Them. Out.


Jesus said there is no such thing as neutrality (Matt 12:30). If we are not with Him we are against Him. Government schools are God-free in their instruction by court order as well as original design, thus not with God, but working against Him. And they are socialist by design. Why are we so surprised we are losing 65-85% of our churched children when we send them to God-free socialist institutions for the bulk of their waking hours? If we "Train up a child" in God-free socialism it is only logical they choose God-free lives of the socialist.

Look, I know not everyone can pull their kids today, but if only half of the Christians in this country bought smaller houses and older cars and used that money to fulfill their God-given command to "...Bring them up in the education and culture of the Lord" (Ephesians 6) our current system would collapse, taxes would have to be lowered, making it more financially able for more parents to provide a God-based, Christ infused education. And I firmly believe the church would (and should now) step in with charity schools (as they did before the government schools were imported here from Germany) thus opening the door for MORE evangelism of the poor children in this nation.

And to the ministry: if you don't start preaching that it is the parent's responsibility to provide their children with a godly education RIGHT NOW the atheistic socialists will win in the courts and have godly education outlawed. What's more, we will simply loose so many children to the world that there won't be an American Christian church anymore by the time of our great-grandkids...or sooner.

Not everyone who comes to God can tithe. Whether it's because of debt or a disagreeing spouse, it's just not always possible. But we must preach tithing anyway because that is what the Bible says.

Not everyone will be able to pull their kids right now, whatever the reason. But we MUST preach it from the pulpit. There are actually more scriptures supporting exclusively Christian education for the followers of God than for tithing.

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