Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I have had many government school teachers tell me how they use their teaching to preach God to their students.


We should all use every opportunity we can to tell people about Jesus.

But think about it a moment;

Are all government school teachers Christian?

No, of course not. Christians probably aren't even near the majority.

That means most are Atheists, Heathens, and/or Materialists.

What makes anyone think that the Atheists, Heathens, and Materialists are not using their opportunities to preach their "religions" (the religions of self-worship, thing worship, science and government worship [socialism] ) to their students?

To YOUR children in their classrooms?

If the Christian teachers are effective in their efforts to sway students to their religion, so are the non Christian teachers. If they are not effective, if this isn't an effective method of evangelism, then the Christian teachers are wasting their time.

This is why Christian parents should not be sending their children to government schools. Doing so is telling their children to consider other religions, other gods as their own.

"When the education is finished, the student will be just like their teacher." - Jesus

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