Friday, April 20, 2018

Putting together a study... when you have no money.

I think we've all had those times. Unfortunately the true "city library" is all the way in town. Now, we do have a "library" in our community, but it is in the government school (city planners saving money, no doubt) Ummm, I'm not taking my homeschooled kids onto a government school campus during school hours, thank you very much. (and the size of the building leads me to believe I have more resources in my house anyway.)

So, I've never done it quite this completely, but you can homeschool your child with just what you find in your library.

I am now doing my planning child by child at their birthdays. For those things we do together, I'm still working it all out over the Christmas break. But for them individually, just focusing on one kid at a time is really working. It lets me see what they really need without being distracted by what others are needing.

Yes, I am Anti Government Schools

An interesting article on Govenment schools being pagan and homeschooling being the solution. 

And they are in so many ways. We have trouble imagining anything but government schools, but really, they are a fairly new thing, especially in this country. and they were designed and and are controlled by socialistic Atheists. Why do we expect our kids to turn out as anything else whne that is exactly what the system is founded on?

Why Public Schools will never get better EXACTLY!
I try to steer clear too, often, but maybe we shouldn't. Maybe it's time we stood up and told other Christians, "It's time to quit doing the same things we've been doing for decades. It's not working and never has."

Ray Moore: Christian Parents Should Get Kids Out of Public Schools

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