Sunday, January 15, 2017

10 Objections to governent schools

1) God created three governments: Family, church and civil. Each has their own jurisdiction. He firmly gave the jurisdiction of teaching children to the family (including the family choice to higher a tutor or a school to help them), with help from the church for orphans. For the civil government to take on that jurisdiction is a clear volition of the commands of God and steals the family's power, disrupts the spread of the Gospel (as anything outside God's design does).

2) It is not moral for me to demand my neighbor pays for my child's education. That is my responsibility as a parent. And government schools are the most expensive option, on per-student average, for education in this country, to boot.

3) Jesus clearly stated that there is no such thing as neutrality (Mt 12:30, Lk 11:23). You are either for Him or you are against Him. The courts have declared government schools to be God-free zones. Thus by default, they are Atheist (a= without, theist= God). In fact, if Atheism is a religion (which it is) then government schools are their church/Sunday School.

4) Government schools are by definition socialist ("under government control, funded by force through taxes") with all the problems and tyranny that entails. In fact, the personal writings of those who brought our type of school laws to America from Germany clearly state their purpose was to discourage creativity and achievement among the inferior (read that "anyone except the millionaires funding the creation of government schools") teaching them to be obedient little factory workers.

5) Government schools teach absolute obedience to authority and thinking to please those in charge instead of God.

6) Removing a child from their God-given home for 30 hours every week breaks their loyalty to the family and transfers it to the school, breaks the bond to the parent and gives it to the teacher, breaks the allegiance owed to his siblings and transfers it to his peers. In other words, it destroys the family from the way God designed it, replacing it with man's artificial "family."(I admit there are times when a families best choice for educating their children is a brick-and-mortar private school. However, this breaking of the family is not nearly as severe when it is controlled by the parent's money. It is still and issue parents need to be aware of, though).

7) One-size-fits-all doesn't. This goes for education as well as swimwear.

8) Brick-and-mortar schools are a 3000 year old idea and totally outdated in this day and age of smartphones.

9) Schools are unnatural. God created us to be in tune to nature.

10) Schools enslave the family to their schedule, not what is best for the family. Vacation must be scheduled by the school's priorities. Daily rhythms are defined by the school's needs. Learning must fit into the school's schedule or there is something wrong with you.(This is true for private schools too, though parents have the choice to use a school that fits their own family rhythms.Again, its an issue to be aware of when making the choice.)

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