Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How the Education System Destroys Social Networks

How the Education System Destroys Social Networks | Foundation for Economic Education:

"Why does this keep happening? Looking at the big picture, you can start to see a serious problem with the educational system politicians have built for us. It is keeping people “on track” — but is it a track that prepares people for the future?

"Many factors entrench this reality. The public school system is
organized on the assumption of homogeneity, a central plan imposed from
the top down. It didn’t happen all at once. It came about slowly over
the course of 100-plus years, from the universalization of compulsory
schooling, to the prohibition of youth work, to the gradual
nationalization of curricula."

Our system is designed to produce good little factory workers and is based on the idea that humans should be treated like products on a conveyor belt.

But humans aren't factory products. If you don't want your child treated like one, don't send them to the factory for their education.

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