Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Summary: Homeschooling is Best Because:

1) The smaller student/teacher ratio allows for individualized pacing and content in every subject.

2) Parents generally love their children far more than any teacher ever could. They also know them better, having known them since before birth. These two factors make parents the best teachers a child could have.

3) Studies have shown that parental involvement is the biggest factor in the quality of a child’s education. You certainly can’t get more involved than homeschooling

4) It works. Study after study has shown homeschooled children far out-perform their peers academically and socially, and especially spiritually. Even children that traditionally perform below average due to socio/economic and racial factors score in the top ranks if they are homeschooled.

5) Homeschooling allows parents to protect their children from negative socialization (verbal, mental, and physical abuse), while promoting positive socialization, (stronger sibling and parental relationships, better communication skills, greater self-confidence).

6) It is far more natural. Schoolrooms are generally devoid of any nature, either in color, set up or function. A home however, typically has large sun filled windows, potted plants, comfortable furniture, and more pleasant, natural colors. A home also has a variety of ages present instead of thirty children within twelve months of each other.

And how natural can it be to have to ask permission when you need to go to the bathroom?

7) It was God’s idea. “Teach (God’s Words) unto your children when you rise in the morning work in your fields, go into town, and rest in your house at night (paraphrase of Deuteronomy 6:7). In other words, ever waking moment. Kind of hard to do if your children are away at school for the majority of their waking moments.

I think God knew what was best for children academically, emotionally, and spiritually. They need their parents and parents, whether they realize it or not, need their children. I trust God to know what is best.

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