Monday, February 15, 2016

Jackie- Age 11

Jackie has advanced by leaps and bounds this year! She has had problems with allergies which has severely interfered with her learning.

    • Private Prayer- Make sure she has a prayer journal if she wants one.
    • Private Bible-Make sure she has a Bible and reading chart, 15 minutes/day.
    • Foundations- Not ready for this yet.
    • Together Proverbs- dictate, will need a notebook
    • Bible Story - Draw a picture, give a caption. Ideally, I would have any famous pictures plus a couple of children's Bible pictures of each story, but that's work I know I won't always get to.
    • Memory Verse- copy into a notebook, practice each day
    • Trivia/Catechism 
  • Language Arts
    • Reading- Require to have a fun book going though that is not usually an issue (they all like to read).
    • Read McGuffey to me each day.
    • Penmanship- Current, self made penmanship book.
    • Typing-,, or!game Create an account and practice 15 minutes a week?
    • Spelling- All About Spelling: 
      • Go through the AAS app (review phonograms) probably not really necessary anymore, but will do for a while.
      • Copy rules and new words to a 3x5 or notebook
      • Review none-masterd cards
      • Spelling City
      • Play some games (including the one that alphabetizes and the one that identifies the parts of speech)
      • Either test with me or let the program test.
    • Grammar- Easy Grammar and Daily Grams
      • doing DG3 right now and isn't even close to finished (I just started them in it a month ago). 
      • EG5workbook (have the key) at $13.95 
    • Poetry- Same o
    • Modern (Spanish)- Duolingo.
    • Classical (Latin) - English from the roots Up (copy each root onto a 3x5 and include in spelling) 
      • supplemented by the Latin web site
    • Alternative Languages (Signs- youtube videos, Joys sign books)
  • Math
    • CTC
    • Mental- Saxon 54
    • Logic - Seems to prefer the Mind Benders to the computer logic.
    • Games/links on minimum of 15 minutes a week maybe
  • Social Studies- She seems to do best with Abeka
    • World History- Abeka
    • US History-abeka
    • Economics- Biblical economics in comics
    • Geography- games on the internet or phone.
  • Science- other than the notes below, require each to be studying something.
    • Health and Nutrition- Edit Masterpiece with an eye towards making a child's book, emailing each bit as I do it to them? She will get her own email in July
    • Astronomy- Weekly, Wednesday night lessons?
  • Art- Goal would be to understand the connection between art and religion. Also that they would be able to express themselves and communicate in picture/drawing.
    • Appreciation/history- Easy Peasy?
    • Drawing- Drawing textbook each year.
    • Crafts- crochet a hat?
  • Music- Goal is to be able to play piano, guitar (or other string), and recorder (or other wind) in church. To have enough basics to be able to learn anything they want later.
    • Appreciation/history- Easy Peasy?
    • Theory/reading- apps?
    • Rhythm- apps?
    • Voice-iPhone app- blobs.
    • Piano-Fake book, assign a song to work on.
    • String- JD guitar for worship book plus ditto above. Could use Fake books, actually. Would probably prefer harp
    • Wind- I can teach recorder, need a better book. Ditto the fake books.

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