Monday, January 25, 2016

Joseph- 16yo

Pretty independent, actually. I do need to scale it up a bit.

  • Bible
    • Private Prayer- Make sure he has a prayer journal if he wants one.
    • Private Bible-Make sure he has a Bible and reading chart, 15 minutes/day.
    • Foundations-Need to do it this year
    • Together Proverbs- own words
    • Bible Story - Draw a picture, give a caption. Ideally, I would have any famous pictures plus a couple of children's Bible pictures of each story, but that's work I know I won't always get to.
    • Memory Verse- copy into a notebook, practice each day
    • Trivia/Catechism 
  • Language Arts
    • Reading-Require to have a fun book going though that is not usually an issue (they all like to read).
    • Penmanship- I haven't had him doing this for a couple of years. Nedd to check and make sure he really is good enough to read.
    • Typing-,, or!game Create an account and practice 15 minutes a week?
    • Spelling- Again, haven't been having him do this for a couple of years, but maybe I should this year? 
        • Copy rules into a notebook from the week's lesson (would still need to buy book 4 $22 for just the teacher's manual, $40 for the kit)
        • Play some games (including the one that alphabetizes and the one that identifies the parts of speech)
        • Either test with me or let the program test. At his age, and since I don't like to remove freedom after its given, I may not require actual spelling words. Just write the rules.
    • Grammar- Finishing Analytical Grammar early this year. Promised that was it.
    • Composition-Honestly, what we are doing is fine. Writing on blogs daily. May add weekly assignments ("What I did this weekend" on Monday, comment on the news on Tuesday, etc.) but probably not. There is just something wrong with telling a child "You have to quit writing your book until you do your composition ("learn to write") assignment."
    • Poetry- Same o. Maybe require to write some. Think I have an instruction book.
    • Modern (Spanish)- Duolingo. I need to crack down on this one. Maybe give him a choice of languages?
    • Classical (Latin) - English from the roots Up (I have. Would have them copy each root onto a 3x5 or notebook) supplemented by the Latin web site
    • Alternative Languages (Signs, Morse Code, Braille, flags, Klingon, Elvish, Minion, Esperante) I'll let him choose.
  • Math- He zoomed through algebra and was into geometry (the only one of my kids to go that far) when he got into computer programming. That is mathematical enough I decided to let him call that math. He is using various free sources to learn right now (i.e. Khan Academy)
    • Logic - He has already read Fallacy Detective, Thinking Toolbox. Might be a good candidate for the youtube classes, though programming has a lot of logic in it. Games/links on minimum of 15 minutes a week, Mind Benders, Youtube classes. Have Logic Primer.
  • Social Studies- I think I will just require everyone to be reading or researching something in this category at all times. This allows everyone to pursue their own particular interests.
    • World History- Currently reading Streams 2
    • US History- Light and the Glory series or abeka
    • Economics- Biblical economics in comics and economics in one lesson are the best
    • Geography- games on the internet or phone.
  • Science- other than the notes below, require each to be studying something.
    • Health and Nutrition- Edit Masterpiece with an eye towards making a child's book, emailing each bit as I do it to them?
    • Astronomy- Weekly, Wednesday night lessons?
    • Pick something from Abeka? General Science, maybe? Or let him study something of his own choice.
  • Art- Goal would be to understand the connection between art and religion. Also that they would be able to express themselves and communicate in picture/drawing.
    • Appreciation/history- Needs to read "How Then Should We Live"
    • Drawing- Drawing textbook each year, though he's been using computer as his art.
    • Crafts- would like him to be doing something with his hands again.
  • Music- Goal is to be able to play piano, guitar (or other string), and recorder (or other wind) in church. To have enough basics to be able to learn anything they want later.
    • Appreciation/history- He might remember when we did "God's Gift of Music" before.If so, he's good.
    • Theory/reading- apps? good application for kill and drill. He's ready for the Theory book, but I think he needs the games too
    • Rhythm-Plays drums in church so Meh.
    • Voice-iPhone app- blobs.
    • Piano-I think I just need to teach this straight and monitor it better. Maybe look for a better instruction/lesson book? Look at instruction books at dads plus fake books.
    • String- JD guitar for worship book plus ditto above. Could use Fake books, actually.
    • Wind- I can teach recorder, need a better book. Ditto the fake books.Maybe let him choose a different instrument from what we have on hand.

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