Monday, January 18, 2016

Jonathon- 17.10yo

Jon is about ready to graduate.

  • Bible
    • Private Prayer- Make sure he has a prayer journal if he wants one.
    • Private Bible-Make sure he has a Bible and reading chart, 15 minutes/day.
    • Foundations-Working on this
    • Together Proverbs- putting in own words.
    • Bible Story - Draw a picture, give a caption. Ideally, I would have any famous pictures plus a couple of children's Bible pictures of each story, but that's work I know I won't always get to.
    • Memory Verse- copy into a notebook, practice each day
    • Trivia/Catechism 
  • Language Arts
    • Reading- Just try and stop him!
    • Penmanship- Quit having him do this years ago.
    • Typing-,, or!game Create an account and practice 15 minutes a week, though he is so used to turkeying i'm not sure anything will help. He's actually pretty fast.
    • Spelling- Haven't done formal spellin with him in some time.
    • Grammar- Finished grammar early last year
    • Composition- If he's awake, he's writing. 
    • Poetry- Same o. Maybe require to write some. Think I have an instruction book.
    • Modern (Spanish)- Duolingo. He's been real lax on this one.
    • Classical (Latin) - English from the roots Up I think this would really help his writing. 
    • Alternative Languages (Signs, Morse Code, Braille, flags, Klingon, Elvish, Minion, Eperante)
  • Math- finished math a couple of years ago.
  • Logic - I believe he's read the Bluedorn books and part of the primar.Need argumentation book?
  • Social Studies-
    • World History- read Streams
    • US History- read Light and the Glory series 
    • Economics- Biblical economics in comics and economics in one lesson are the best. I think he needs to read these, if we have time.
    • Geography- games on the internet or phone.
  • Science- other than the notes below, require each to be studying something.
    • Health and Nutrition- Edit Masterpiece with an eye towards making a child's book, emailing each bit as I do it to them?
    • Astronomy- Weekly, Wednesday night lessons?
  • Art- Goal would be to understand the connection between art and religion. Also that they would be able to express themselves and communicate in picture/drawing.
    • Appreciation/history-  "How Then Should We Live" would be right up his alley and help his writing.
    • Drawing- told him some time ago he was done with this
    • Painting
    • Sculpting
    • Crafts- would like him doing something.
  • Music- Goal is to be able to play piano, guitar (or other string), and recorder (or other wind) in church. To have enough basics to be able to learn anything they want later.
    • Appreciation/history- He would be old enough to remember "God's Gift of Music"
    • Theory/reading- apps? good application for kill and drill. Theory book, maybe,
    • Rhythm-plays drums in church
    • Voice-iPhone app- blobs.
    • Piano-I think I just need to teach this straight and monitor it better. Maybe look for a better instruction/lesson book? Look at instruction books at dads plus fake books.
    • String- JD guitar for worship book plus ditto above. Could use Fake books, actually.
    • Wind- I can teach recorder, need a better book. Ditto the fake books.

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