Monday, March 9, 2015

All About Spelling

All About Spelling is a complete spelling program written by a mom of a special needs child who happens to also be a reading tutor.

This program is multi-sensory and complete. It is based on the spelling ruled, studying one per lesson. 

I have gone back to this program after a bit off. It just is the closest to my ideal program without me having to write my own from scratch.

Now, we don't follow the program exactly. I am not a hands-on person so a good deal of the program (tiles, disks, etc) I find too hard to get to.

I also have one child (10) who has psyched herself out, convincing herself she just can't spell (at least we have gotten out of the "I just can't read" part.:-P). So for her, I am just using the cards. For her younger sister (7) too, actually. That's a hard one; her sister is simply gifted in book work and could easily do two levels a year. How do you handle a 10yo who resents her 7yo passing her academically? Sigh.

My 11yo is simply reading the lessons to herself and then bringing the cards for the day to me to review with her. She is doing great:-)

All together, All About Spelling is the program I would recommend first to nearly anyone.

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