Monday, January 19, 2015

Do You Remember When Math was Black and White?

Do You Remember When Math was Black and White? - My Children's Classroom

An article praising simplictiy in math and especially Saxon. I agree that the old saxons are great. Unfortunatly they didn't work well in my home at the time, though if we were to go back to book math I would probably use it for most of my current scholars. Not every program works well for every student though. Saxon just frustrated my oldest and would confuse one of my currents.

I do understand they are now Common Core aligned which is too bad since CC was written for propaganda purposes, not for educating children. The few samples of math lessons I have seen were down right stupid, not to mention plain confusing.

But is there a political statement there? If you refuse to believe in right and wrong, how can math ever make sense to you? Math is very "right and wrong" No in between. But we can't have that so lets confuse the whole subject.

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