Sunday, December 30, 2012

Introduction to the Second Edition

It has been eight years since I first finished this book. A lot has happened since then:

My three oldest children, Joy, Jon, and Jim, have graduated. They are doing some college level studies at home, are exploring the option of CLEP tests for college, and ministering to our family and community in many ways.

We have added some new members to our household;
  • Jane in 2007
  • Joshua in 2011

Homeschooling continues to change and grow. It has become more accepted and combined with technology, has spurred a revolution in education. Since we are only in the beginning stages, we don’t know where this revolution will eventually take us, but it is exciting to watch.

Though most of this work is just as relevant today as when I first wrote it, there are a few places that needed updating. This is especially true in the resource sections. I have rewritten this part. In other places, I have chosen to leave the text the same and just add notes with updates.

I hope you enjoy reading my book and that it encourages you to give your children the best.

God Bless

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