Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wouldn’t a Private School be Better?

Well, better than public school, yes. Better than Homeschool, depends, but probably not.

Private schools are subject to the laws of supply and demand as are any other business. If they don’t please their customers (the parents) they go out of business. Thus private schools MUST teach children well or they don’t exist.

Public schools on the other hand are typical government agencies. If they are not performing up to pare, they get MORE money. Their “customers” do not have a choice whether or not to patronize them. There is no real accountability.

Private schools can be chosen on the basis of religion;
  • a Christian parent can send their child to a Christian school, 
  • a Jewish parent sends their child to a Jewish school, 
  • an Atheist parent sends their child to an Atheist school. 
Everyone’s First Amendment Rights are preserved. No one has to campaign for “changes in the schools” because everyone’s child is taught their own religion. No one is a threat to anyone else.
However, private schools still replace
  • parents with teachers, 
  • siblings with peers, 
  • families with schools. 
The natural loyalties are still disrupted, abolished. The family is still destroyed. Do you really want to pay some other person to be your child’s “day time mommy?”
You know how most children are devoted to their friends? That is how they are supposed to be devoted to their siblings. Jesus “is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24 Most brothers I see these days hate each other, rendering this verse meaningless. Children are supposed to love their siblings more than anyone but their parents and possibly grandparents.

Homeschooling provides so many opportunities for the parents to grow and learn, as well as much more natural socialization. It is just the best if at all possible.

Private school may be the only option in some cases. I have known of a case or two where it was obviously God's will and later it became obvious why (i.e. Major illness striking a family member, taking mom away from teaching).

But I believe homeschooling is the best option whenever possible.

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