Thursday, December 6, 2012

Where Do I Find Curriculum?

Thirty years ago, in the early days of the modern homeschool movement, resources were scarce. There was, of course, no resources aimed just at homeschoolers, and many private school publishers wouldn't sell to homeschoolers (Abeka among them). They were afraid students enrolled in their private schools were the ones wanting to buy their textbooks, especially their teacher's guides, so they could cheat on their school work. 

Many homeschoolers had to use the library and old texts from public schools, texts written for one room school houses in the 1800's, and just plain ole imagination. It was long, hard work to put together everything they needed. 

Today you are more likely to be overwhelmed with too much than not be able to find enough. Youtube, Google, Wikipedia, all publishers (private or public school), online schools, Siri and Cortana, community classes, city colleges, University Online Classes (Standford's are free), homeschool co-ops, etc. The resources are endless!

Before you can find what you need, you need to know what there is. So…

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