Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shouldn’t I Support Public School s By Sending My Child There?

No. Why would you want to do that?

Do you let your car idle in your driveway so you can give support to the Department of Motor Vehicles (pay more gas tax)?

Do you burn your house down in order to make sure your local fire department has enough work?

The national literacy rate (the percentage of people in our country that can read) has been falling ever since public schools were imported into this country. So much for the “provide all children with a quality education” propaganda of public school supporters.

The public schools are still as racially segregated as they were fifty years ago, while private schools are, on average, far more mixed, and more and more minorities are homeschooling (to the delight of many of us who have been studying education for many years!) So much for “expose children to other types of people.”

There are private schools that deal with every type of handicap. Homeschoolers are caring for their handicapped children themselves. Both are having far better success rates than public schools, even curing some learning disabilities.

Why would you want to support a system that condemns poor children to the worst education in our society just because their parents can’t afford to live in a rich neighborhood?

Why would you want to support a system that is so inherently raciest? Know what group is screaming the loudest for scholarships to send their children to private schools? Poor minorities!

Why would you support a system that is so un-American?

Our founding Fathers came here for the freedom to practice their religion in anyway they saw fit. Read their personal writings. You will find one of the biggest motivators was the chance to teach their children their own religion.

Secular Humanism (Atheism) is now the official American religion. Any child in public school is being indoctrinated into this religion, regardless of their parent’s beliefs.

If you do not have the right to teach your child your religion, you do not have freedom of religion.

If you do not exercise that right you might as well not have it.

Besides all this, the public schools actually profit from us taking our children out of school.

A recent study in Nevada concluded that though the schools loose $2000.00 of federal funding per year per homeschooler; because they didn’t have to provide classrooms, teachers, lunchroom ladies, administrators, etc., the schools gained $4000 of state money. That is a $2000.00 profit per non-public schooled child!

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