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This is by no means an exhaustive list. Just something to get you started. the homeschool community has flat out exploded and there is so much available there is no way to keep up on it all. For more up to date lists of resources with great reviews see Cathy Duffy Reviews.
(A * means the company is explicitly Christian)

Mott media- Carries textbooks from 150 years ago, before the educational decline of this country. Christian values and World View, but not explicitly Christian. Readers do contain occasional scripture selections.

Excellent standards and inexpensive. 

Books are non-consumable (good for large families, bad for fans of workbooks, though I believe they have created workbooks to accompany them now). 

Print is small, a little harder to read than in most texts. 

Each book covers about two years of education. 

Can be a little difficult for parents to figure out how to use, (I have used Well Trained Mind methods with these books with good results) but generally progresses at a slightly faster pace than newer texts.

I love the books just 'cause. I do have them, but honestly seldom use anything but the readers. They are just so fun to hold and look at. The math was difficult to use for us, and the grammar isn't formatted the way I teach best.

112 E. Ellen St.
Fenton, MI 48430

*School of tomorrow- (Also known as ACE) Self taught, self-pace, accelerated curriculum. Gives the equivalent of a public school education in a much faster format. I have heard of fourteen year olds completing 12th grade with this company. 

Honestly, I am not fond of this company's product. It is more expensive than other self-paced programs, but of a lower academic standard. If I had a special needs child and an advanced one, though, I might put the special needs in ACE and the advanced one in Alpha Omega.

Correspondence school and CD curriculum available.

Accelerated Christian Education
P.O. Box 4700
Seminole, FL 33775

*Alpha Omega- High academic standards. A self taught, self-pace, program. K-12 with complete kits. 

About $300 per student per year. 

Available on CD or LiveStream (Monarch School- more like playing computer games than doing workbooks. Requires very little of the parent's attention). 

Correspondence school available.

Alpha Omega Publications
300 N. McKemy Ave.
Chandler, AZ 85226

*Christian Light- Same as Alpha Omega with fantasy stories and pictures changed to reflect Mennonite (New Order Amish) beliefs. 

Cheaper paper, cheaper price. Correspondence school available.

Christian Light Publications
PO Box 1212
Harrisonburg, VA 22803-1212 USA

*Abeka- The most widely used private school curriculum in the world. 

Traditional text book program. Excellent academics. Emphasis on patriotism and conservative Christian values. 

Can be expensive if all helps are bought, but I have used it on occasion and never used the helps, tests, etc. 

Abeka is my favorite of the traditional text book companies. I regularly use their history, science, and health. Many reviewers think their history is the best on the market.

I find their Language Arts to be full of unnecessary busy work, though. They were designed for traditional schools and so have enough work to keep advanced students busy while the teacher helps the slower ones. If you use them, only have your kid do half the work (i.e. "All the odd problems.") I also find that other publishers explain and format certain subjects in far easier to understand ways. Easy Grammar, for example, teaches the same content with a third the daily work but my kids came away actually understanding it and being able to parse a sentence. Abeka tended to just confuse them.

If purchased in a kit, about $300 per child in grade school plus answer keys and teacher guides (another $300 sometimes. You can save money buy not buying the kits but only what you really need. For example, most American adults should be able to correct a first grade math text without the answer key). High school costs more. 

Available on video (excuse me, now it’s DVD) for rental (around $700 per year but that includes all necessary books). Correspondence school available.
Abeka Book, Inc.
P.O. Box 19100
Pensacola, FL
32523-9100, U.S.A.
1-877-A BEKA BOOK (1-877-223-5226)

*Bob Jones- A popular traditional curriculum. Emphasis on missionaries and evangelism. 

(The founding organization has had some problems with racism, but I understand the curriculum itself is very free from any racist ideas or attitudes) 

I h=find their catalog absolutly boring. The few textbooks I've seen live up to that standard. Just not interesting enough for me, an adult, to even be able to look through it. 

I did use their music program one year. Well, one month really. Designed for a classroom, it was way over kill for my two school age kids at the time. 

Available with satellite school (classes beamed directly to your home). About the same as Abeka in price and academics. Correspondence school available.
BJU Press, Greenville, SC

Calvert School- Traditional curriculum. High academics. Teaches Judeao- Christian morals but is a secular program. 

Very good academics. A little cheaper than some of the others. Sold by grade kits only. 

Does include literally everything you need for one year; pencils, paper, art supplies, etc. This makes it very popular for missionaries and others overseas that have to pay a per box import tax.
10713 Gilroy Road Suite B
Hunt Valley, MD 21031

Farm Country Supply- Not a publisher, but an eclectic curriculum catalog. They carry Bob Jones, Alpha Omega, Saxon, and many other resources Christian and secular (the owners are Christian). I counted more than forty spelling programs in one catalog alone. Good prices and great service.
731 North Fork Road
Metamora, IL 61548

Rainbow Resource- If you can’t find it anywhere else, it’s here. Their catalog is the size of a large phone book! They are cheap with great service.

Timberdoodle- a catalog of hands-on education supplies; legos, puzzles, games, art supplies, electronics kits, etc. Their catalog will make you drool and break the bank if you aren’t careful!

*Veritas Press- a Catalog for Classical Christian Private and homeschools. VERY good suggestions, especially in literature. They now have a virtual curriculum.

I would absolutely love to be able to afford their online history! It looks so fun!

Veritas Press, Inc
1829 William Penn Way
Lancaster, PA 17601
800- 922-5082

*Greenleaf- A catalog presenting a semi-classical method with the emphasis on History and Geography. A publication to make you drool! The publishers are Christian, but not all the books they carry are, though none are offensive.

3761 Hwy 109 North
Lebanon, TN 37087

*Weaver-A prepackaged unit study based on the Old Testament. 

Those that I have known that used either of the two unit studies I list hear have been very enthusiastic about them. They worked very well for their families. 

Alpha Omega has purchased Weaver.

*Konos- A prepackaged, complete unit study based on Biblical character traits.
P.O. Box 250 Anna,
TX 75409

*The Noah Plan- A curriculum using the Principle approach- (A Unit Study based on American History at a Classical level of academics.)
P.O. Box 9588
Chesapeake, VA 23321-9588

*Rod and Staff- Very popular classical, traditional curriculum. Written by Mennonites.

*My Father’s World- the first of several classical, Christian, Real-book, history unit studies. For a couple hundred dollars, they send you a box of boxes correlated to give a year’s education to many ages of children, none consumable.

*Ron Paul Curriculum- A completely online, high academic, nearly completely independent curriculum (not academy, not school; curriculum. Buying this program is equal to buying an Abeka or Calvert grade kit). It is designed to teach the student to learn on his own.

Mr Paul hired people who excel in the various subjects (i.e. his English teachers are actual writers with many books and magazine articles currently in publication.) He had them make videos for each lesson of each course they are teaching. 

Your student logs onto the website each day, reads that day's page and watches the video for each subject, then goes to his own blog or Youtube channel to publish his assignment. He then posts the link on the student forum.

"The curriculum centers around the weekly essays. Parents should probably read them. If they want to grade them, that's fine. If they don't, that's also fine. But parents had better insist that their children post URL links to their posted weekly essays. These links must be posted on the course forums."

The forums are where the students "gather" to discuss the lessons and evaluate each other's work. If your child gets stuck he is to ask help on the forums (from students who just finished that course), not from you.

There are few or no textbooks to buy. Everything is either on the website or free open source with the link on the site.

"The man who teaches the public speaking course in grade 9 and the history and literature courses for grades 6 through 8 graduated from an accredited college on his 18th birthday. He paid for his own college education by working part time in his own home business. It cost him under $12,000. It can be done. I recommend it."

Ron Paul Curriculum is proudly non-Common Core aligned, and Non-accredited. They believe and teach that education is the parent's and student's responsibility and the government should not be involved. They are very Christian, and libertarian (small government, individual freedom, pro-Constitution) in slant.

It costs $250 per year, per family, plus $50 course. So, about $500 for one student, but $750 for two, $1000 for three. If your child is taking a course, you, the parent, are invited to take it too for free. If you want to take a course your child is not taking it only costs the $50 (and remember, generally there is no textbook to buy).

You must have high speed internet and a good printer.


*Easy Peasy- Completely online, completely free, Preschool-12th grade curriculum (high school is on a separate site that is formatted the same).

The owner of this curriculum was a missionary in a hostile country. She could not afford to import curriculum to teach her children, so she began to find links online to teach what she wanted her oldest to know in each subject (kindergarten). She wrote up each day's lessons and assignments on a blog for her daughter to go through, but saved them so she wouldn't have to redo them for her next child. 

Walla! Full curriculum, totally free, available anywhere in the world that has internet access. 

For skill subjects (spelling, reading, math, etc) your child simply goes to the site, then to the day's assignment page, reads the text, follows the links, does the work. 

Bible, Science, History, Art, and Music (knowledge subjects) are formatted in three cycles of four years each (History, for example, covers the ancients in year one, middle ages in year 2, Reformation/Renaissance/Age of Exploration in year 3, and Modern Age in year 4; each year is a more mature look a the subject on hand). This means all of your children ages 6-9 study the same lesson in these subjects, for example. The link to the days work for these subjects is on the bottom of each day for the skill subjects.

If you want, you can have your child just do one or two subjects since the links at the sidebar sort all the work accordingly. My younger children are using these links right now to study Latin and computer.

You do need a printer and lots of ink and paper, though EP is now offering workbooks in some subjects with the things you are supposed to print.

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