Sunday, December 2, 2012

Non-curriculum books that have helped me

(This would be a huge section if I listed everything! I have just put enough to get you started. If I don’t list a specific source, the book should be available at or any other major book source.)
 * means the book is christian.

*Homeschooling: The Right Choice- Christopher Klicka HSLDA lawyer. Very thorough “why” book.

The Well Trained Mind-Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer-mother daughter team. Mother homeschooled her three children in the 70’s and 80’s and now the daughter is homeschooling her own four children. 

A guide book for education based on the Classical method, but usable to anyone. 

Excellent academic recommendations. How to “notebook,” teach reading, know how much to expect. Can be a little intimidating and NO ONE follows all the suggested schedules (including the authors. The publisher made them put them in the book). 

Just take the things that are important to you and ignore the rest. Authors are Christian but the book is as neutral as is possible.

*Teaching The Trivium-Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn-homeschooling parents of five children. 

Christian Classical Homeschooling from a more relaxed perspective. Not so “schoolish” in their suggestions while retaining the high standards of Classical. 

Very good on why homeschool, how to teach languages (Latin, Greek, and Hebrew), and so on.

*Survivors Guide To Homeschooling- Luanne Shacklford-homeschooling mom of seven tells what helped her. Makes you feel normal.

*All The Way Home-Mary Pride- Homeschooling mom of nine and professional writer, curriculum reviewer. A book about how to bring your heart home, including homeschooling. Available as an e-book through Amazon.

*A Mom Like You-Vicky Harris-Homeschooling mom of ten, wife of Homeschool Legal Defense Lawyer. Tells how and why she does it. Very encouraging. plus
*School Proof-Mary Pride- tells her ideas of making homeschooling a do-able thing. Fascinating Private school ideas also. I have enjoyed all of Mrs. Pride’s books. May be out of print.

*Created To Be His Help Meet-Debi Pearl-homeschooling mom of five grown children (and thirteen grandchildren at last count).  

Why were we created? She outlines what the Bible says and shares stories of how many women have turned their marriages around by following God’s Word in this area. Many good things on motherhood also.

*To Train Up A Child-Michael and Debi Pearl-How to "train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." How to get them to do what they should- to obey cheerfully and promptly. The book is a must have.

*Managers Of Their Homes-Steve and Teri Maxwell-homeschooling parents of eight (are you getting the idea that homeschool parents average more children than anyone else?) 

Scheduling book and kit. Helped me figure out how to actually get to History and Science and still get the dishes done. Essential, especially for bigger families. The kit alone is worth the price.

*Managers of their Schools- The Maxwell’s book on what they do for school (mostly Abeka) and why. They make a very good case for traditional textbooks. In fact, I now use some of their suggestions and our school is better for it. Also available at

Eating Better Cookbooks-Sue Gregg-mom of three and professional nutritionist 

If you are interested in eating healthier or have food allergies to deal with these can be very big help. Author is Christian. For anyone. They are a nutrition and how to cook course in themselves.
8830 Glencoe Drive,
Riverside California 92503-2135

Is There Life After Housework-Don Aslett, father of six 

Written by a professional cleaner. Clean your house quickly and professionally. All of his books are worth reading. I have assigned parts of them to all my children so they can learn some business principles., plus and all major bookstores

*Messie’s manual- Sandra Felton

How to regain (or get in the first place) your sanity and control of your home.

Sink Reflections-Marley Cilley

Another “get your house/life in control book.” Kind of a mix between Mr. Aslett’s, Mrs. Felton’s, and the Maxwell’s books, but completely different. (Isn’t that clear as mud?) and

Home Comforts-Cheryl Mendelssohn-lawyer by profession, but “Homemaker Woman” by secret identity

Tells you how and why to do every aspect of housekeeping: shopping for veggies, cleaning, sanitizing, definitions for different types of material and how to care for them, safety, legal obligations, set the table properly, etc. I loved it (though I doubt anyone does everything in it.) GREAT homemaking textbook!

Nourishing Traditions, Real Food, - Great books on time tested healthy eating. These are about food that actually tastes good! 

*The Hidden Art of Homemaking- by Elizabeth Schaeffer, wife of Francis Schaeffer from L'Abri Fellowship. It has been noted that as many people have probably been won to the Lord by her muffins as by his preaching. Homemaking is a very important ministry.

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