Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I can’t afford to homeschool.

Public schools cost tax payers $10,000.00 per child on average (of YOUR tax money, plus the cost of fashionable clothes, bus fees, book fees, lab fees, etc.)

Private schools cost $3000.00 on average (plus some of the same things listed above).

Homeschooling costs are kind of hard to figure, but the average family spends $500.00 per year on curriculum per child (and you don‘t need to fund a fashion show at home.)

A number of families have discovered that they spent far more per child when they were sending their children to “free” schools than they do to homeschool. All the ticky tack expenses of public school just add up to A LOT!

Besides, the $500 figure is the average. That means that many spend more, but many spend less. I spend $300 or less year per child.

Some homeschool for free using the library or Internet. The point is; you can afford what you want to afford.

Free Online Homeschool Curriculums:
Easy Peasy
Ambleside Online
An Old Fashioned Education

Don't forget Youtube, Wikipedia, Google, and Netflex. To use these, I plan what I want my child to learn and then think of the best resource to achieve that knowledge. I kind of work backwards, actually. Increasingly, the internet has better, more up to date information than the most expensive textbooks.

And if the internet doesn't have what you need the library (sigh, or Kindle?) probably does.

The biggest expense of homeschooling, though, is the loss of the teaching parent's income. If they are home with younger siblings anyway, that's no big loss.

But if mom has to quit her job it can cost the family a lot. I would advise you pray about it and consider down sizing your house, car, or other aspects of your life style.

After all, we live in the richest, free-est country this planet has ever seen. If you really want it, if you really think it is important, you can find a way to afford it.

"I can't afford to homeschool because my house payment is too big."
"I can't afford that big of a house payment because I homeschool."

It's all a matter of priorities.

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