Thursday, December 13, 2012

How Would I Know What Grade Level To Teach Or What Grade To Give My Child?

Why? Why do I have to answer that question? Does anyone really care? :):

What do you do if you finish the grade’s math in six months? Do you not teach math, then, until everything else is done or wait until next September? This doesn’t make sense if your goal is to educate your child the best way possible.

Grades (A,B,C,D,F) were invented to monitor a large number of children in the same room. They let the parents, teachers and administrators know how each child is doing compared to the other children in the class.
Grade levels were invented early in the 20th century in order to control large numbers of children in the same building.

They are not written in stone, and are, in fact, unnecessary in a homeschool environment.

I suggest you teach each child at the level they are at in each subject. You may be teaching a child how to read at the same time you are teaching multiplication and they may still not be ready to write.

That is ok. Remember they are not Fords (unless of course that happens to be your last name). If your child is ready to teach to read, then teach them to read, even if they are not ready for anything else.

This is one reason I don’t follow a traditional schedule nor use very many books with a grade written on the cover. Graded books make you feel like you have to finish the whole thing in nine months. Your child may need twelve or eighteen months; or they may finish it in six.
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A parent teaching their own child doesn’t really need this. You will know how your child is doing without them.

And, anyway, it seems kind of silly for a parent to assign a grade score so the parent will know how the child is doing

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