Saturday, December 29, 2012

Table of Contents

  1. Who Are You?
  2. Why Do You Homeschool?(I have lots of reasons!)
  3. What Are Life's Most Important Questions?
  4. What About Socialization?(Turns out to be homeschooling's greatest asset!)
  5. What About A Diploma And College?(Colleges like homeschoolers:-)
  6. What About Handicapped or Gifted Children? (Some kids need HS even more than others)
  7. When Did Homeschooling Start?
  8. Who Can Homeschool? (What qualifications do you need?)
  9. Can The Average Parent Possibly Teach The 3R's?(If you know it, you can teach it. If you don't know it, but DO have the answer key, there is a good chance you can still teach it:-D)
  10. I can't afford to homeschool.(I can't afford not to)
  11. Shouldn't I Support Public School s By Sending My Child There? (Better question; why would you want to support your public school?)
  12. Shouldn't I Send My Child To School To Be Light And Salt?(Of apples and barrels)
  13. Wouldn't a Private School Be Better?(Better than what?)
  14. Does Homeschooling Cause Child Abuse? (Uhhh, No)
  15. How Do I Know They Are Learning What They Should?(You don't need fancy degrees to tell if a child knows how to read)
  16. How Would I Know What Grade Level To Teach Or What Grade To give My Child? (I give you some ideas)
  17. I Want To Homeschool But My Spouse Doesn't.(Take it to the Boss!)
  18. What is the Biggest Advantage of Homeschooling?
  19. Can I Really Teach My Own Children All They Need To Know?(No)
  20. I've Decided To Homeschool. Now What?(Have you panicked yet?)
  21. At What Age Should I Begin to Teach My children?(Whatever age you are right now. Oh. You mean the child...)
  22. How Will I Know What To Teach?(I'll give you some lists of skills for each subject and age)
  23. Where Do I Find Curriculum?(I'll give you some email and addresses, though Google has them too).
  24. How Do I Start?
  25. Can You Break Down Each Subject?
  26. Prereading(Cow says "Moo." Dog says "Woof." A says "Aaaa.")
  27. Reading(I've taught 8 to read now and can tell you it isn't really very hard.)
  28. Bible (The most important subject)
  29. History
  30. Science
  31. Composition
  32. Grammar
  33. Spelling
  34. Penmanship
  35. Math
  36. Latin
  37. Art
  38. Music
  39. Let's break this down by age group.
  40. This Sounds Like a Lot of Work!
  41. I don't have a school room. Where do I do my teaching? (Where ever you do have.)
  42. How Do I Keep All These Books and Stuff Under Control?(Ideas for organization)
  43. I Have a Large Family. Can I Still do This?(I have nine now, and the Duggers have 19, so, yes, you can.)
  44. Will My House Ever Be Clean Again?(Probably not:-)
  45. When do I do everything?
  46. How do I Get My Children to Do all of this?(A few philosophies on discipline)
  47. THE BIBLE SAYS:(scriptures to help you decide.)